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Disability Services at CUNY

The Office of Disability Services at CUNY is committed in ensuring equal access for students
who have disabilities. Its innovative programs offer essential auxiliary aids and priority
registration. The office works closely with students, faculty, staff, and other professionals to find
and resolve accommodations necessary for academic success. Visit to learn
more. Students must submit disability documentation from a licensed practitioner or doctor to
register. These documents can also be submitted online.
In order to qualify for disability services at Ulster Community College, students must have

documentation from a NDIS Boronia provider. The disability documentation outlines the functional
barriers that prevent a student from achieving academic success. It also contains
recommendations for effective and reasonable academic accommodations. It should be noted
that academic accommodations differ from one student to the next, but are designed to meet a

student’s needs. In addition to documentation, academic accommodations include placement
testing in order to identify the appropriate level of a course and academic accommodations.
The Disability Counselor works with faculty, staff, and students to ensure that students with
disabilities have equal access to all educational programs. Students with disabilities should
request academic accommodations in their initial intake appointments. The disability counselor
must approve any requested accommodations. Accommodations will be made available once
the request has been approved. The college disability counselor will explain how to use the
accommodations. The office can also help students with self-advocacy and review student
documents to find accommodations that will be beneficial.
The local Department of Disability Services is responsible for providing services to people with
disabilities. DDS services include transportation assistance, support groups, over the-phone
assistance with disability applications, as well as other services. Each state has its own DDS
institution, sometimes called by different names. For more information, contact the DDS office
closest to you. Remember that DDS can be difficult. For help, contact the Department of
Disability Services.
Blue Ridge Community College Disability Services will provide reasonable accommodations and
support to students with disabilities to ensure that they have access to educational programs. To
be eligible for services, students must have a documented disability. Students with disabilities
must meet all admission and academic requirements for their program. They should also know
their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The college’s disability services won’t
cover personal devices and services so it is important to find a provider who will meet their
Students with disabilities can be assisted by the Accessibility Services Coordinator in registering
for and receiving accommodations. Students with disabilities should schedule an appointment
with the Accessibility Services Coordinator to discuss requested accommodations and the
supportive resources available at Johnston Community College. Students should request
accommodations every semester. They must also keep in touch with the Accessibility Services
Coordinator. Students with disabilities will find the process as simple as possible at the office.
During your first meeting you should expect to have an interview with the Accessibility Services